Looking To Add Income To Your Bank Account?

After successfully completing numerous flips we have developed a system that simplifies the process and provides amazing returns for everyday investors. We call it, “Our 3 Pillars To A Successful Flip”.  Learn more how to master these Three Pillars by signing up for our FREE E-book today !!!

Our System Approach

What Are The 3 Steps For A Successful Flip?


How To Identify The Right Opportunity?

There is saying in the investment world, “The money is made when you BUY”. The question is how do you identify the right property? Our system will help find those properties that are marketable and profitable. Learn how to find home and negotiate amazing terms below fair market value. Best of all we have already found numerous homes in the Greater Toronto Area that fit that criteria that we can offer.


Where Do I Get The Money?

Deals come fast! To take advantage of opportunities you want to be ready with your financing. We discuss how you can obtain ready financing without the use of a traditional bank. We have access to private lenders and other sources to help fund your deals!



Who Is Going To Do The Work?

Unless you are a contractor we suggest your hire professionals to get the job done right! Our system provides answers on how to find the right contractor & power team to ensure the finished product is done on time, on budget & with quality in mind. We have access to contractors that understand our model, expectations and standards to ensure consistent results!

Our Successful Flips

Verhoeven Dr, Mississauga

Upper Middle, Burlington

King Street, Toronto

Ferncliff Circle, Pickering

Bronte Street, Milton

36 Tandridge Cres, Toronto

Treetops, Alliston

Asta Drive, Mississauga

Bromsgrove Rd, Miss


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