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    1511 Hobbs Cres., Clarkson
    1511 hobbs clarkson mississauga real estate for sale tom pobojewski

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    2138 Truscott Dr., Clarkson
    2138 truscott dr, clarkson mississauga tom pobojewski for sale real estate

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    1278 Kelly Rd., Clarkson

    1278 kelly rd., clarkson mississauga detached bungalow home house tom pobojewski real estate for sale

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    1312 Daimler Rd., Clarkson

    1312 Daimler Rd. Clarkson Mississauga Real esatate for sale home house detached tom pobojewski

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    2833 Constable Rd., Clarkson2833 constable road clarkson mississauga real estate tom pobojewski homes condos house 

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    1284 Playford Rd., Clarkson

    1284 Playford Rd., Clarkson Mississauga semi detached real estate tom pobojewski 2   

    About The Web Site ..... What Is In It For You

    This website is dedicated to serving the “Clarkson” Mississauga Real Estate Community. Within this website you will find the latest in real estate news including:

    • Past sales
    • Why Live In Clarkson?
    • Clarkson Real Estate Trends
    • Various Areas of Clarkson
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Community News & Entertainment
    • Clarkson History and Founding

    Why Live In Clarkson?

    • Proximity to GO Train Station – Ideal for commuters, the Lakeshore line express takes 20 minutes to get downtown and operates very soundly. Other various GO TRAIN lines (i.e. Milton Line) have very limited hours. The Lake Shore line has very good frequency and service.
    • Proximity to QEW and Major Highways – Clarkson is very close to the QEW highway. A drive to Toronto (without traffic) is less than 20 minutes.
    • Great Outdoors & Community Centre– Ideal for people who enjoy the great outdoors. There are many mature trees in the surrounding area as well as parks and bike paths that stretch throughout the area. Lake Ontario is just minutes away. Recreational facilities include the Clarkson arena and Clarkson community centre.
    • Large Lots – Those who enjoy their privacy will find Clarkson homes have large lots in comparison to the average home in Mississauga. It is very common to find lot sizes with a frontage in excess of 50 feet and depth in excess of 120 feet.
    • Affordability – Depending on the pocket the prices in Clarkson are generally very affordable in comparison to much of Mississauga.
    • Character & Sense of Community – Clarkson has a rich character that is supported by great community events in the area. For example, during Christmas you will find carollers parading the streets during December, Christmas tree lighting in November, Taste of Clarkson in August, Summer Clarkson Ultimate Block Party and many more events throughout the year. 

    Trends In Clarkson Real Estate

    The community and the surrounding area consists mostly of a mix of upper and middle-class homes. Generally speaking the lot sizes are fairly large and the homes will vary in terms of style. Certain 

    styles include but not limited to: traditional 2-storey, back splits, side splits and bungalows. The majority of homes were built at a time when builders were more generous with the lot sizes. Due to scarcity of land and cost of land today’s builders do not offer large lots (unless you want to pay a steep price).

    Here are some of trends that have come about in Clarkson Real Estate market in recent years:

    • New Builds – In the past Ten (10) years we have witnessed some new real estate developments in Clarkson taking place. These mainly consist of builders building freehold town homes and new high rise condo buildings. 
    • High Rise Condos – Recently a few high rise towers were built off of Southdown Rd. and Lakeshore Rd W. – right across from the Go Train. These condos offer great views and 
    • convenience for commuters traveling to downtown Toronto. There is currently plans to build a third tower. As of December 2013 the ground has not been broken. 
    • Freehold Townhome Projects – Recent completed projects located at the South East corner of Lakeshore Rd West and Southdown Rd. Also, an additional projects is near completed in 2013 located at Truscott Dr. & Southdown Rd. The prices for these townhomes currently range from $450,000 to $700,000 (depending on size). 

    • Renovated Existing Properties – There has been a surge of properties that have come on the market from investors who purchase properties renovate and then sell to an end user buyer (aka flipping properties). Some will renovate the interior and exterior of an existing home (i.e. kitchen overhaul, renovating bathrooms etc.). Others will demolish an entire house and build an entire custom house from scratch. Buyers like this approach as it takes away the stress of having to renovate an entire house (develop colour schemes, higher contractors etc.). Also, the bank will finance the house with the completed renovations. Meaning that a buyer will not have to dig into their own CASH to finance the renovations. Lastly, those buyers looking for a specific location and having an updated house will find buying one of these renovated house certainly advantageous. 
    • Home Appreciation – For much of the GTA the house prices continue to climb and Clarkson is no exception. We have witnessed certain pockets in Clarkson climb 20% in price in a matter of months. What drives this surge is a shortage of listings on the market (low supply) and the high number of buyers (demand). This further fueled by low interest rates and overall healthy employment. 
    • Aging Population – As with much of Canada we have an ageing population consisting of empty nesters and the elderly. Clarkson is generally a mature area and people in this demographic are cashing in their homes and either downsizing to smaller homes and condos, flying to Florida (aka snow birds) or entering old age care facilities. This presents many real estate opportunities. For example, buyers have purchased homes from this demographic and have upgraded/renovated these homes or completely built a custom home on a large lot.

    Areas of Clarkson

    • East / South East Clarkson (East of Southdown Road) – This area borders the Lorne Park area of Mississauga. Generally speaking there are more detached homes with larger lots in the East and South East area in comparison to West Clarkson. The prices are generally more expensive than West Clarkson because of the larger lot sizes, greater mix of detached homes and proximity to Lake Ontario. Properties in the area closer to Lake Ontario will carry a price premium.
    • West / North West Clarkson (West of Southdown Road) – This area borders Oakville (Oakville starts West of Churchill Boulevard). There are is a wider mix of home styles in the area ranging from Townhomes, Semi-detached and detached homes. Considered a very affordable area in comparison to much of Mississauga. The homes in this area have increased in value in the last 3-years. 

    Parks & Recreation 

    • Clarkson Recreation and Clarkson Arena - Centrally located off of Truscott Drive the area has a large and upgraded recreation facility and arena that caters to a host of recreational events. For more information see the link. Clarkson Rec
    • Rattray Marsh - This ecologically sensitive wetland is the last remaining lakefront marsh between Burlington, Ontario and Toronto, and provides superb opportunities for bird watching while strolling along boardwalks and well-maintained trails. Amazingly abundant displays of white trilliums, the floral emblem and provincial flower of Ontario, may be seen in late April and early May.

    History of Clarkson  (source: Wikipedia)

    In 1808, 15 year old Warren Clarkson and his brother Joshua left their home in Albany, New York to seek their fortune in Canada. They had been invited to come work for a friend of the family who had bought land near Lake Ontario. Warren liked the area very much and decided to stay. He worked hard so that someday he would be able to own property. When he was twenty-six he had saved enough money to buy land and build a home. Warren married and began to raise a family. As the years went by Warren bought more land. He built the community's first store along the stagecoach trail. Fifteen years later the town council named this trail Clarkson Road.

    A post office was opened in the family store and William Clarkson, Warren's son became the postmaster. For the next forty five years a member of the Clarkson family would run the post office. Clarkson community never grew very large. It had a few houses and shops along Clarkson Road, a railway station, a school, and a church. Less than one hundred people lived in this quiet community.

    In 1856, Captain Edward Sutherland (1794-1885) moved to Clarkson with his seven children. A widower, he purchased "Bush's Inn," a former inn and coach house that was the halfway point between Hamilton, Ontario and Toronto (this building, a private residence, still stands on Clarkson Road South). Here, he is said to have introduced both strawberry and raspberry cultivation to the area. Clarkson eventually became the "Strawberry Capital of Ontario," and commercial fruit farming expanded in the area through the rest of the 19th and into the early 20th century. In 1915, a sign was erected at the Clarkson railway station declaring "Through this station passes more strawberries than any other station in Ontario." 

    (source: Wikipedia)

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